KIPPO makes the perfect place to rent a kimono for an unforgettable stroll around the charming old-fashioned Uchikawa area

The 10th of the month is Kimono Day in Uchikawa! It just might be the perfect time to dress up for a day in town

Enjoying KIPPO

Kippo is a can’t-miss part of any visit to Uchikawa — changing into a kimono or a fancy dress can make any day something special, even if you’re just relaxing with a cup of tea. Kippo offers plenty of options to enjoy that you’d never find at ordinary clothing rental shops.

Dressing Up in a Kimono at Kippo Can Make Any Day Special

There’s just something about putting on a kimono — it feels like you’re suddenly a part of Uchikawa, like stepping into a movie. Picking the perfect kimono can be a challenge, but that’s part of the fun, too.

Hop on a Beigurun cart and wave to the people walking by, for the perfect way to experience the warmth of Uchikawa for yourself. Or simply watch the river and enjoy the breeze under the eaves outside of Kippo.
Going out to sea on a sightseeing cruise, dressed in a kimono, also makes an excellent way to enjoy your time in Uchikawa.

Enjoy a day in Uchikawa with a kimono rental from 10:00 to 15:00 — ¥3,000 (incl. tax) for a full set, including kimono, sandals, kinchaku bag, and dress-up assistance.
(Click here for prices)

Kippo Contact(0766) 84-7996

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Experience Japanese Culture and Traditional Etiquette with Matcha Green Tea at Kippo

Kippo offers lessons on how to properly drink matcha green tea as part of the tea ceremony, from how to take and eat the sweets to how to drink the tea, how to greet one another, how to appreciate chawan tea bowls, and more.

Kimonos make a great way to further enhance the atmosphere! ; )
(You’re welcome to wear your usual clothes to these lessons, too.)
Enjoy unique sweets suited to each season.
We look forward to your reservation!

10:00 to 15:00
¥500 (incl. tax) for matcha green tea and sweets(all for just a single ¥500 coin!)
Other etiquette lessons are also available.
(Click here for prices)

Kippo Contact(0766) 84-7996

Relax at Kippo Café

Kippo is more than just a place to change into a kimono or a fancy dress — it’s also a great place to stop by to unwind, with a casual cup of matcha green tea.

It’s just tea, without the ceremony, so there’s no need to worry about special rules or etiquette. Just drink it however you like.

10:00 to 15:00
Matcha green tea (with dry Japanese sweets) ¥300 (incl. tax)
Kobucha kombu kelp broth (with dry Japanese sweets) ¥200 (incl. tax)
and more!
(Click here for prices)

Kippo Contact(0766) 84-7996

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Princess Dress-Up

Kippo has lots of beautiful dresses to choose from. Life offers so few opportunities to wear a gorgeous dress and feel fancy…
and yet it’s so much fun!

Choose from lots of options, in both kid and adult sizes. We have tuxedos, too, for that handsome “sharp dresser” look! Spend the day dressed up how you’ve always dreamed.

10:00 to 15:00
Dress Rentals
Adults ¥1,000 (incl. tax)
Kids ¥500 (incl. tax)
(Click here for prices)

Kippo Contact(0766) 84-7996

A Laid-Back Atmosphere for Relaxing and Connecting with Others

Whether you’re with your friends, your family, or that special someone, or even by yourself, Kippo makes a great place to unwind. Escape the busy noise of the city, and let time slow down…
Before you know it, you’ll find yourself feeling completely refreshed.

Kippo offers a quiet, friendly, and charmingly old-fashioned space to hang out.
Relax and watch the fishing boats and sightseeing cruise boats going down the river, and the Beigurun carts on the roads. Sit out under the eaves and take in the sunset. Or simply have a moment to yourself.
Kippo offers a welcome, laid-back place to relax and unwind, however you prefer to do so.

Kippo Contact(0766) 84-7996

Walking around

We offer great ways to enjoy a day spent walking around Uchikawa after dressing up at Kippo.
Have an unforgettable time with great food, fun experiences, charming sights… and a great outfit to go with them!

Uchikawa Walking Tour for Temple and Shrine Lovers

Start at Kippo! → Hojozu-Hachimangu Shrine → Café Uchikawa Rokkakudo → Azumabashi Bridge → Mandaraji Temple Tenmangu Shrine → Back to Kippo!

Easy route map

Pleasure Cruise — See Uchikawa’s Twelve Bridges from the Man’yo-maru

Kippo → Kawa-no-Eki Shinminato → Kagurabashi Bridge → Nakashinbashi Bridge → Nakanohashi Bridge → Shinnishibashi Bridge → Minatobashi Bridge → Nagonoura Ohashi Bridge → Kaiwomaru Park → Shinko Ohashi Bridge → Ninomarubashi Bridge → Hojozubashi Bridge → Azumabashi Bridge → Sannobashi Bridge → Kawa-no-Eki Shinminato → Kippo

Notes: Man’yo-maru cruises run even for small groups on weekends and holidays, but have a minimum group size of ten people on weekdays. Reservations are not necessary, but are recommended, because passengers with reservations take priority.

Kippo Reservations(0766) 84-7996

How to Rent

Dressing up in a kimono at Kippo, then walking around town and drinking matcha green tea sounds great, right? Here’s how to get started!

How to Rent

Reservations and Arrival

No need to bring anything with you!

Tel (0766) 84-7996

Reservations are available by phone.
Even if you don’t already have a reservation, we would appreciate it if you could call us before you arrive, to let us know you’re coming.

Kimono Selection

Takes about 10–20 minutes

After you register, it’s time to pick a kimono.
We have over a hundred antique kimonos to choose from!
If you need help putting together an outfit, feel free to ask our staff for help.
We have plenty of kimonos for both men and women. Or if you’d prefer a fancy dress or a tuxedo, we have those, too!

Dressing Up

Takes about 20 minutes

Enjoy meals and walking around town, dressed up and looking lovely.
And don’t worry — when they’re put on properly, fancy clothes don’t have to be uncomfortable to stay on securely!
You can even wear your own shoes or boots.

Time to Head Out!
Just Be Back by 15:00

Late return times can also be arranged by request.
If you want to go to an evening event dressed up in a kimono or yukata,or have dinner in your kimono, we also offer overnight rentals.
(Separate fees apply for both) → Click here for prices
At Kippo, we know the Uchikawa area inside and out! We’d love to offer suggestions on where to go, to help you make the most of your visit.

Kippo Reservations(0766) 84-7996


One-Day Rental
of Your Choice of Antique Kimono
— 10:00 to 15:00

Full Kimono Rental ¥3,000(incl. tax)

Next-day return ¥4,000/night(incl. tax) Return at your hotel for +¥500/person(incl. tax)

July through Sep.:Full Yukata Rental ¥2,000(incl. tax)

Next-day return ¥3,000/night(incl. tax) Return at your hotel for +¥500/person(incl. tax)

Dressing up in an antique kimono from Kippo is a great way to enjoy a walk around Uchikawa!
Includes being dressed up, as well as sandals and bag! No need to bring anything with you.
Customers are asked to handle their own hairdressing,
or make a reservation and let Kippo handle it for ¥500(incl. tax)

One-Hour Rental
of Your Choice of Dress
— 10:00 to 15:00

Dress Rentals: Adults¥1,000(incl. tax)Children¥500(incl. tax)

Perfect for celebrating birthdays and other special occasions, or as a present for mom or grandma.
Or dress up with your kids or grandkids! Whatever sounds like fun to you.
Customers are asked to handle their own hairdressing.

Adult Dresses for Sale (Sizes 7 and 9 Only) , Starting at ¥3,000

Matcha Green Tea and Japanese
Culture Hands-On Experience
— 10:00 to 15:00

Tea Ceremony Etiquette Lesson (Includes Matcha Green Tea)¥500(incl. tax)

A fun, casual way to learn how to properly drink matcha green tea as part of the tea ceremony.

  1. Learn how to take and eat sweets
  2. Learn how to drink matcha green tea and greet one another
  3. Learn how to appreciate chawan tea bowls

Whisk Your Own Matcha(Includes Matcha Green Tea)¥500(incl. tax)

The perfect chance to try whisking your own matcha green tea!

  1. Prepare your own matcha green tea
  2. Enjoy it at your own pace

Kimono Etiquette Lesson(Includes Matcha Green Tea)¥500(incl. tax)

Wearing a kimono means carrying yourself differently from what you might be used to. Learn about the unique etiquette for visiting Japanese homes in a kimono.

  1. Learn how to stand and how to sit
  2. Learn how to open and close sliding doors
  3. Learn greetings
  4. Learn how to enter homes

Kippo Reservations(0766) 84-7996

Shop Info and Access

What kind of shop is Kippo? Where is it located? Is parking available?
Here are the answers to these questions and more.

Shop Info

The KIPPO Philosophy

We love the kimono, as a part of traditional Japanese culture.
We hope to encourage people to wear kimonos more casually, and enjoy making everyday life a little more stylish.
We want to keep Uchikawa looking beautiful, with people dressed in kimonos.

For these reasons and more, we opened Kippo Uchikawa Kimono Rental.

We’ve enjoyed seeing people dressing up in kimonos, leaving town with smiles on their faces after experiencing the charming scenery — and people — of Uchikawa.
We want more people to be able to have such a wonderful time.
And we hope to help Uchikawa grow into a lively cultural center.



Shop Name
KIPPO Uchikawa Kimono Rental
Kimi Kawaguchi
3-12 Chuo-machi, Imizu City, Toyama
10:00 to 16:00; closed Tuesdays
Social Media Accounts
Instagram Facebook

Kippo Reservations(0766) 84-7996


Coming by Train

Take the Manyo Line light rail from Takaoka to Shinmachi-guchi Station (about 40 minutes),
then walk about 8 minutes.

This map shows the walking route from Shinmachi-guchi Station to Kippo.

KIPPOにお問合せ(0766) 84-7996

Coming by Bus

Take the Kitokito Bus (Imizu City Community Bus, Shinminato-Kosugi Line) to Kagurabashi-guchi bus stop (about 35 minutes),
then walk about 1 minute.

Or take the Toyama Chitetsu Buri Kani Bus to Kawa-no-Eki Shinminato bus stop (about 50 minutes),
then walk about 1 minute.

This map shows the walking route from Kagurabashi-guchi bus stop to Kippo.

KIPPOにお問合せ(0766) 84-7996

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